SKIN FITNESS was developed for customers looking for products with exceptional quality that are very efficient and gentle on skin and come from natural origins. Skin Fitness meets all these requirements with a more a nice scent and pleasant texture. With global expertise, Perris Swiss Laboratory has succeeded in developing these high quality products for the face. 

Exclusively THEODORA 


Gamila Secret uses a secret, unique recipe for beauty from nature. Truly complete skin care, Gamila Secret products are made from oils and herbs from Galilee.
Its artisanal manufacturing method, as well as the quality of ingredients selected, make them unique, exceptional products.
Gamila soaps contain 80% extra virgin oil from the first or second press, known for its nourishing properties for centuries.

These products are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no chemical or synthetic scents, artificial dyes or preservatives, and are never tested on animals. 

Exclusively THEODORA 



In monasteries, the appearance of a “Garden of Simples” where medicinal plants are grown, dates back to ancient times.
It was in 1612 that the monks of Santa Maria Novella resolved to open their business to the public.
The formulas and recipes of the Dominican friars are for the most part still used today.
The line of skincare products includes creams, pomades, iris powder, oils, flower waters, etc… 

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The synergy of luxury, ethics, and environmental excellence.
Zilooa Ethical Skin Care offers a bold and innovative concept in beauty that goes well with our natural heritage.
Without compromise, it reconciles the perfection of Swiss Cosmetology and respect for the environment, ensuring optimum skin protection, respect for the body, and the preservation of aquatic eco-systems.
With its textures and sensual scents, Zilooa Ethical Skin Care is an exquisite invitation to dream and get away.

Exclusively THEODORA 



Discovered by an English doctor, Dr. Bach, more than 70 years ago, Bach flowers are natural products based on wildflowers and spring water. Traditionally, Bach flowers are used in the form of elixirs that can be ingested directly or diluted in a drink.
The line of anti-stress products is designed for taking care of oneself by performing actions of simple beauty that bring peace of mind and serenity on a daily basis. It combines Bach flowers with natural ingredients, selected for their recognized effectiveness and safety.
The line includes a cleansing milk, a lotion, a day cream, a night cream, an exfoliating cream, and an anti-stress mask. 


There was a luxurious and rare time when the calming and restorative properties of Amber Oil were only cherished by a few Russian aristocrats. We have combined the atmosphere from the Romanov Dynasty with technology in a sumptuous shampoo, the most luxurious ever made – when you try it, you’ll understand! The formula will restore brilliance and beauty to your hair with the first use.
Tips for use:
Use it with wet hair. You can feel your hair’s texture change right under your fingers. As soon as you rinse, you’ll already feel the difference. Even better: next, apply the Katira Hair Masque – a revitalizing gel – it will have a “Knock Out” effect on your dull hair!
This highly nourishing formula is just as effective on very fine hair. 

Exclusively THEODORA



NadiaZ is an unparalleled premium swiss cosmetic range, bursting with active ingredients indigenous plants have developed to adapt to their uniquely harsh environments.Each product brings out the body natural radiance while giving satisfaction to the heart and mind. NadiaZ formulations are highly trustable, concentrated and exacting to meet the needs of Men, Women and Children of all ages and skin types who are health or allergy conscious or simply genuinely respect Nature and their Body.