Since 1882, the house of Marcel Franck has created luxury perfume atomizers. Over a century old, this sleeping beauty drifted into a slumber more than two decades ago. Today, Bernard Dennery is waking up this sophisticated brand, following in his ancestor’s footsteps to pursue the quest for beauty and technical expertise in the service of luxury perfumery.
Precious and ingenious, inspired by centuries-old expertise, Marcel Franck fragrance bottles blend refinement and modernity to hold the euphoria, allowing it to be enjoyed anywhere, whether in the privacy of a boudoir or on a long vacation. 

Exclusively T H E O D O R A 


The Maison de Vetrerie di Empoli was founded in 1938 in Milan, achieving immediate success with Tuscan high society.
A few years later, distribution developed at the national and international levels.
With the opening of the boutique on via Montenapoleone, where products are tested before being distributed under the Griffe Montenapoleone brand, the company has forged an international reputation.
Over the years, it affirms its place on the luxury market thanks to the sophistication of its expertly crafted collections that are traditional and trendy at the same time.