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CHERIGAN was born in a pivotal period, an enchanted parenthesis during which Paris became the epicenter of the artistic world, the origin of a wave of liberation and creativity, of the explosion of perfume houses and their ever more sensual and daring olfactory creations.

And in this world, CHERIGAN became the discreet brand of VIPs, creator of CHANCE, PARISIENNE and FLEURS DE TABAC among other great perfumes.

One hundred years later, its effervescent atmosphere still transports us into this crazy ambiance, which is indispensable today. 

Perfumes bearing the golden imprint of a timeless, joyful, daring elegance ; composed and manufactured entirely in France, only in Extrait de Parfum concentration and containing at least 90% natural ingredients. The components come essentially from France or Italy and are either recycled or 99% recyclable.

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