Divine - DIVINE 2

Perfume is a beautiful expression of who we are, intimately, personally.
It connects us profoundly to our very essence and awakens a thousand and one sensations.
It is both alive and mysterious, seductive and assertive.
Wordlessly, it reveals everything about each and every one of us, with our dreams and desires. It lights us up a world with grace and elegance. At every moment it is there- a source of joy and recognition.

It’s this intimate vision of perfume with which Yvon Mouchel founded DIVINE, with the sole ambition of creating an authentic perfumery with total freedom to create his vision.

Freedom to take unlimited time to create.
Freedom from ephemeral vogues.
Freedom to occasionally create rare perfumes.
Freedom to boldly develop new olfactive code.

From the outset DIVINE has always sought to safeguard its authenticity.
Eschewing publicity, DIVINE is regularly in contact with its clients, receiving accolades from afficionados from all over the world – the magic through word of mouth.
Based in Dinard, far from big cities, Divine nourished creativity, preserving the original inspiration and never losing heart.

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