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Fond d'écran Paon pour parfumerie de niche couleur noir vert et bleu
Visuel Paon pour slide de Theodora Haute parfumerie de niche
Papillon fond bleu pour la parfumerie Theodora Haute parfums de niche
Parfums de niche et parfums d'intérieurs

The well-being of your body deserves daily attention.
That's why we have selected the most precious and respectful products available.

High Perfumery

Discover the world of niche perfumes and reveal your uniqueness through our selection of rare and exclusive perfumes.
Niche perfumes are bold, unconventional and made of the finest raw materials available.

Visuel carte cadeaux parfum de niche
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The pleasure of letting your loved ones discover unique products of exceptional quality without making mistakes.

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We have selected for you, throughout the four corners of the world, exclusive Houses from a luxurious know-how.


Novelties among rarity