Pierre Guillaume was born on February 12, 1977 in Clermont-Ferrand.
After his studies he entered the Laboratoire de Formulation Industrielle founded by his father, Christian.
Fascinated by the artistic expression of fine chemistry in the form of Perfumery, he went on to enrich the traditional Perfumer’s Organ with a palette of assorted ingredients drawn from the worlds of chemistry and botanical research.
His style of composition gives his creations a strong olfactive identity and can be recognized immediately: indiscreet notes, extremely variable.
According to him, the most beautiful perfumes are those that are discovered close up, on the nape of the neck or on the breast or curve of the shoulder.
“Wearing perfume for oneself, an egocentric and moving experience, and also for the Other person, the special One, never just for others. My perfumes rely on contact with the skin to fully express themselves, and without it they are nothing.”

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