Accord 119


A timeless signature where the depth of patchouli perfectly balances the luminous greed of blackberry…


In perfume, as in music, there are themes that never go out of style. Accord 119 brings together in its wake a sumptuous diva, patchouli, and a rising star with irresistible freshness: blackberry. On the skin, it’s an unforgettable concert! From the very first moments, the greediness of a juicy blackberry and the joyful radiance of blackcurrant sparkle in unison, softened by the powdery notes of violet. And the bass line? It is played by a powerful essence of patchouli, accompanied by an absolute of Egyptian jasmine warmed by heliotrope, vanilla and musk. Between modernity and tradition, this fragrance orchestrates the meeting of innocence and seduction. Of a mischievous youth and a fatal femininity. It’s a perfect match!

This Accord 119 is an opus as greedy as elegant!

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