Bulle de Rose


Created by Serge de Oliveira of the Maison Robertet, Bulle de Rose is a perfume mixing the sparkling scents of bergamot and blackcurrant with the sweetness of a soap accord; all carried by a rose absolute…


It is like a joyful burst of life, the last gesture made in the intimacy of one’s boudoir before embarking on one’s day. It is that little bubble outside of time, that moment of enveloping softness in the morning preparation, that soapy lather that brings a sensation of brilliant cleanliness and personal refinement.

When Bulle de Rose bursts into the air to scent our bodies with a thousand fragrant droplets, the first thing we smell is the fruit, which bursts out in the top note: we recognize the sparkling vivacity of blackcurrant and the fiery intensity of bergamot.

Then it is the caressing purity of a soap note, inspired by the mythical Camay soap, which blossoms and curls up in the powdery Turkish rose absolute. The green of tomato, with its discreet presence, brings a very light detail of green note to the heart of this perfume.

The base note, finally, gives all its depth to the trail. Thanks to the roundness of patchouli, the delicate woodiness of sandalwood and the slightly spicy notes of cypriol essence, Bulle de Rose takes all its fullness and benefits from an exceptional hold.

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