Cafe Society Perfume Gun


The Perfume Gun is the only weapon on the market capable of spreading love…


A “love gun” designed for the home, whose shape is a funny mix of functionality, innovation and humor. It provides immediate olfactory satisfaction: one spray and the atmosphere of a place is transformed. In a flash (or rather, in a spray) you are transported to another place, a bit like changing a record or changing the wallpaper (which is clearly more difficult). To complete this olfactory atmosphere, this Perfume Gun can be associated with the Cafe Society candle in the same fragrance. A woman dressed in a long fur coat enters a mansion on the Left Bank. A man’s hand seizes it to remove the beautiful woman. The fur brushes against her bare skin, while a waiter presents two glasses of champagne. Drawn by the music, the woman heads for the library where friends and lovers whisper lies in dark corners covered with crimson velvet. Patchouli, amber and lavender are the scents of this party in a small circle, and are the promise of an inevitable denouement…

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