Cafe Society Scented Candle


The ephemeral scent of a living room at the end of a Parisian dinner, when the guests have just left: the festive warmth of patchouli, amber, and a touch of lavender and the promise of the night to come…


A woman wearing a long fur coat enters a private mansion on the Left Bank. A man’s hand seizes it to remove the beautiful one. The fur brushes against her bare skin, while a waiter presents two glasses of champagne. Drawn by the music, the woman heads for the library where friends and lovers whisper lies in dark corners covered with crimson velvet. Patchouli, amber and lavender are the scents of this party in a small circle, and are the promise of an inevitable outcome… Burning time: 50 hours
A unique blend of food and vegetable waxes to optimize the olfactory potential of each fragrance.
220g candle with single wick.

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