Fleur de rocaille


Fleur de Rocaille, the echo of an assertive personality, a declaration of independence!


Opulent to the extreme, Fleur de Rocaille is a perfume of contrasts. It gives voice to two so-called “silent” flowers: gardenia and lilac.

On one side, the subtle, airy lilac is supported by a fresh-smelling rose essence and the crystalline, planty notes of lily of the valley. On the other, gardenia textured by mimosa is made even sweeter by a blend of sunny white flowers. Orange blossom absolute lends its honeyed nuances and jasmine its bewitching accents. A real floral debauchery! Excessively generous, this bouquet reveals its thousand colors in the creamy scent of sandalwood, a precious wood whose odor oscillates between tenderness and power.

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