Fougère Royale


The first Fougère in the history of perfumery, Fougère Royale created by Master Perfumer Paul Parquet in 1882, completely revolutionized the world of perfume and established modern perfumery as it exists today. Fougère Royale has been reworked from its original formula to adapt to modern rigors and landscapes, it retains its elegant, noble and refined identity and pastoral beauty…

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Fougère Royale opens with an energizing cocktail of citrus that blends with a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, where lavender and Moroccan chamomile set the tempo. The fresh start is followed by a redundant heart, where nuances of geranium and spice are lifted by a floral accord of rose, pepper, cinnamon and carnation essences and absolutes. The grand finale is composed of a harmony of amber and woody notes, where oak moss blends with a sensual patchouli, enriched by coumarin, tonka bean and sage absolutes. This perfectly composed fragrance evokes green notes, fragrant grass, rustic foliage, wind-bent fronds and shady, dense, damp woods…

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