The mute light of dawn glides over the flowerbeds. A fine shadow slips through the roses, jasmines, camellias and irises. With her green and delicate hand, Josephine awakens the bright scents of a garden with an imperial destiny…


“These are my subjects. I try to make them happy.” This is what Josephine Bonaparte is said to have said one day about her plants. Passionate about botany, the future Empress bought the Château de Rueil Malmaison in 1799. Seduced by the landscape surrounding the building, she created a romantic garden where flowers from all over the world bloom… With a capacity of 350ml, the Diffuser is dressed in the fluted glass tinted in the mass emblematic of the manufacture, stamped with a gold Trudon crest. Made in the same glass workshop as the candles, the Diffuser is topped with a 100% recyclable aluminum ring that holds 8 black sticks of natural rattan.
The Diffuser allows a passive diffusion during 3 to 4 months.
Separate refills available.

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