La Rose de Rosine


Intense and velvety, Rose de Rosine has a long trail and brings an impression of power and refinement…


It is the diva rose, the one that is adorned with dark red petals, thick velvet, and gives off a powerful and sensual scent…
The woman who wears it is beautiful, noble and warm. Its universe is that of the boudoir, of the opera box.
The top note offers the freshness of the violet of Tourette sur Loup and the tagete. Already the sensuality is felt with the ylang ylang and the roses. The heart is a real bouquet of oriental roses, attars of rose from Turkey, Bulgaria and Grace, whose brightness is further enhanced by jasmine. The powdery effect is given by the iris.
The bottom is warm and soft combining tonka bean, benzoin and balsam of Peru.

Composed in 1991 by François Robert, Rose de Rosine has become over time a great classic, a timeless perfume, the emblem of the House.

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