Orangers en Fleurs


An elegant, ambrosial and floral fragrance marked in effervescent citrus tones that honor the eminent orange tree, cherished by European royal courts throughout the ages…

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Orangers en Fleurs focuses on the floral warmth of the orange blossom. A romantic and bewitching accord of Orange Blossom and Rose Absolute enlivened by a hint of Egyptian Jasmine Absolute. The enchanting heart comes from a subtle blend of Tuberose and Eau de Brouts, wrapped in Ylang Comores essence, and lightly spiced with nutmeg. Finally, a cedarwood and musk accord encompasses the entire note. One of the Maison Houbigant’s historic clients, Queen Victoria, wore a silk headdress surrounded by orange blossoms and adorned her white satin dress bodice with petals at her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert. From then on, Victorian brides wore pastoral wreaths of orange blossoms. With its graceful, multi-faceted bouquet of orange blossoms, Orangers en Fleurs taps into her royal heritage, blooming to perfection…

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